RS449 Current Loop

The RS-449 Interface Adapter performs the necessary adjustments between an RS-449 Interface and an RS-232 interface to allow direct connection of both. Electrical, functional and mechanical considerations have been implemented in accordance with the EIA recommended standard for interconnection between interface circuits using RS-449 and RS 232.

The RS-449 Interface Adapter is available in two basic models: Model 387 configures RS-232 as Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and RS-449 as Data Communications Equipment (DCE). Model 487 configures the RS-232 as DCE and RS-449 as DTE. Both adapters are equipped with a single two position CH with SR and CI with SI. When installing either model in a system, it is recommended that the maximum cable distance from the RS-449 receivers and drivers be kept to no more than ten (10) feet.


Power:  None required

:3.140”w x 3.375”L x .883”H
(8.0cm x 9.5cm x 2.2cm)

Weight:.25 Lb. (113 grams)

Enclosure:High Impact Plastic

Interface: RS-232 // RS-449

Model 387
(1) DB25S, female; (1) DB37P, male
RS-232 DTE, RS-449 DCE
Model 487
(1) DB25P, male; (1) DB37S, female
RS-449 DTE, RS-232 DCE


DCE Relcomm RS232CL-115
DCE Relcomm RS232CL-230
DCE Relcomm RS232CL-24
DCE Relcomm RS232Cl-48
DCE Relcomm RS232Cl +48
DCE Relcomm RS232CL-12