About Us

Data Connect – Relcomm

Making Reliable Communications Solutions

We Built Data Connect Relcomm to Solve Two Problems

Making Connections

People need to connect and our passion is to help customers solve connectivity problems with reliable solutions.  Our mission is connecting real-world customer applications with cost effective high-quality solutions and unmatched customer service and technical support.  We manufacture wire-line and wireless network edge, connectivity, access, and extension solutions. The Relcomm family of products provides Reliable Code Operated and Code Activates switches for secure serial connectivity access to critical systems. The Relcomm Automatic Backup Switch (ABS) is a three in one switch offering enhanced security and automatic failover capability. Our Current Loop Converter provides bidirectional interconnection of 20/30/60mA unipoular current loop interfaces with an RS232 interface.  Our other business units provide a wide range of trailing edge and leading edge network connectivity solutions.

Enabling The Future

As technologies converge and networks consolidate specialized needs emerge. New technology soon becomes old and needs to interconnect with emerging technologies.  Data Connect Relcomm helps enable the orderly and systematic transition by focusing on our customer’s currently deployed technology and offering new technology solutions that enable the future while maintaining the integrity of the core technologies that can bridge networks into the future.

A Network Communications Company Focused on Technology

Data Connect is the parent company of multiple entities that are focused on manufacturing, providing and supporting wireless and wire-line network edge, connectivity, access, and extension solutions. We own and operate Relcomm, DSL Warehouse, ClickITDirect, VOIP-Networking, ARC Electronics, DCE Express, Information Data Products, Synxcom, and Wireless Network Supply providing worldwide access to our innovative network products.

Incorporated in 1989, we have provided, designed and built everything from connectivity devices that interconnect small network pieces to high end industrial grade and carrier-centric Telecom solutions connecting service providers and subscribers. Our expertise is connecting today’s leading edge technology with yesterday’s legacy technology.